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“By myself…..”
-Xiah Junsu-

How much time has passed by..?
Now, around me, there’s nothing at all..
I don’t hear any sounds at all..
At this moment on this world, there’s noone but me.

Whatever it is that made me like this..
The one who feels left behind is still myself..
From now on I can’t trust anyone anymore.
Since when did the world begin seeming so hopeless to me..

Because I trusted that person so much… It hurts so much more.
At one time, my self that simply stood there unable to say a word..
There was no need to just be there so stupidly..
But as if waiting for someone to pass by… I stayed there like that.

I don’t even hear the sound of the wind.
There’s just the sound of my breathing..
To me, there’s nothing at all…

It’s only me.

This, in Junsu’s own handwriting, is the poem he wrote one day in high school when he was assigned to clean-up duty after school and Hyukjae was supposed to wait for him to go play soccer together but when he finished cleaning up, Hyukjae had already gone off alone. And while waiting, he wrote this.

Happy 29th Birthday Kim Jaejoong







*takes creative writing class*
*writes fanfiction*

*takes art class*
*draws otp*

*takes media art class*
*makes anime gifs*

*takes music class*
*makes cover of anime opening*

*joins speech and debate*
*preaches anime*

*takes boxing class* *busts up these nerds*


somebody please tell jaejoong to stop ok

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68/100 Jaejoong


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